Maggie’s 2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated Maggie’s birthday this weekend with a brunch for our close family. We had quiche, my mom’s famous hash brown casserole, croissants, fruit tart, and oj (spiked with champagne for the adults). We used vintage melamine plates that I found on a recent thrift, and cut sunflowers from the garden to use as table decoration. It was a very laid back party, where we ate outside with the chickens, who also got a special treat. Our white chicken decided that she would like more than salad, and hopped up on the table after we were done eating to sample some of Maggie’s leftovers. These hens are spoiled! Maggie had fun eating the cupcakes I baked and tearing through her birthday packages. All in all it was a great day for our very special girl.

*pinwheel cupcake toppers are from this Etsy seller.