Maggie {23 Months}

Today, Maggie is 23 months old. She has been battling a cold all week, so I only snapped a few photos of her this morning when I went out to check on the chickens. Maggie is such a big girl now. I seriously don’t know how this little on is almost a two year old. Part of me is excited to be past the baby months, but another part of me is sad. I suspect most mamas feel this way.

* My Rebel is now off of manual! I attended a photography workshop last night, and I’m excited to play around with my camera. Next up is to start editing my photos, something I’ve never done. What editing programs do you use? I would love any tips or advice on how to get started.

An Early Spring

Maggie and I went outside to look at the garden this morning, when I noticed that our azalea bushes are in full bloom, a month early.

Welcome, spring.

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Maggie {21 months}

My little Maggie is so grown up, she is so much fun and so much work right now.

She is curious, silly, and sweet, and constantly on the go. I hate the term terrible two’s, because this age is really not terrible, just a little challenging at times. I still have some tricks up my sleeve from when Amelia was this age, so I feel better prepared this time around. 

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, Maggie and Amelia are wearing matching dresses today. 

Maggie, 20 Months Old

Maggie is a girl on the move. Taking her picture is nearly impossible, she is always in motion. I skipped a 19 month update all together because I tried to get a picture of her, and they were all blurry. 

Maggie’s vocabulary is still growing every day, and she is now speaking in short sentences. She has reached the terrible two’s or tantrum toddler stage, and this part, I could do without. She is very vocal with her frustrations, and let’s me know when she is unhappy.  Oh, boy.

Maggie’s hair has FINALLY started to grow, but I still needed to use a baby velcro bow to put in her hair today. She is teething, again, and has her hands in her mouth, alot.

I can’t believe she’ll be two in just 4 months.