Weight Loss & Photo Shoot

So, month one of my personal transformation journey is done, and as of today I am down 14 pounds. I am really proud of this, but I’m ready to take it to the next level. I will be starting an exercise routine today. No more excuses. I am really motivated to take off another 14 pounds this month. I just booked an engagement photo shoot with our wedding photographer for the second week in March, even though we’ve been engaged for almost a year now. I was 6 months pregnant when Beau proposed, so we put off a photo shoot until now.

We are going to do the shoot at our home. I am the new owner of a vintage red Schwinn tandem bike, and I’m super excited to use it as a prop for our photo shoot.

(I love the older couple in this photo)


I just ordered this shirt from Old Navy to wear for the shoot. Maybe you can start to see my vision for it?

Looking forward to being creative with this. Think tire swing, vinyl, vintage furniture, and bicycle built for two. It’s going to be good.