A Merry Little Christmas

My girls had an awesome Christmas morning. They are very happy with all of their new treasures.

The rest of my immediate family came over this morning for a super yummy breakfast, an annual tradition, that’s my niece with her gifts from us. I can’t wait to see her paint-by-number when it’s finished.

I baked two dozen red velvet cupcakes for Christmas dinner at my grandparents, and they are yummy! Amelia and I had to test them.

I hope you all are enjoying time with your family & friends today! Merry Christmas!

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Lovely Things

I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite Christmas presents.

I have been collecting vintage and modern white pottery and ceramics for several years now. This sweet little owl was a gift from Beau. I believe he bought it from West Elm.

The Tickle Monster Laughter Kit was a gift from my mom to our family. I have already read the story to Amelia with the monster tickle mits on, and it did indeed produce alot of laughter & fun!

Another gift from my mother, these lovely turquoise and silver earrings are for me to wear at my mexican themed wedding reception happening in October 2011. They are perfect!

What was your favorite gift?