Maggie {28 Months}

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Maggie is 28 months today. The photos are a little blurry, I know, but this girl is in constant motion!

We recently converted Maggie’s crib into a toddler bed, and she has been sleeping really well in it, while enjoying the freedom to get in and out of bed on her own. Next week we start potty training. She is so ready. Maggie’s vocabulary has exploded in recent weeks, and we can have pretty fluid conversations with her now. She is so grown up, and as all you mamas know, it is bittersweet.

We will be leaving for our Disney adventure really soon, staying at Disney’s new Art of Animation Resort. The girls are super excited, and so am I! Disney World, here we come!

*Maggie’s Snow White dress is from the new Disney Artist’s Collection at Target.

Maggie {21 months}

My little Maggie is so grown up, she is so much fun and so much work right now.

She is curious, silly, and sweet, and constantly on the go. I hate the term terrible two’s, because this age is really not terrible, just a little challenging at times. I still have some tricks up my sleeve from when Amelia was this age, so I feel better prepared this time around. 

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, Maggie and Amelia are wearing matching dresses today. 

How Does Your Garden Grow

Spring has come early to Florida this year. Our once sad looking orchid tree is now covered in flowers and leaves. 

A few weeks ago, my mother asked us if she could plant a garden in our yard, (she lives in a condo), “YES!”, I said. It has been a group effort. The kids help my mom, and get really dirty in the process, and my mister has been watering in the evenings. It is has been really fun to watch the progress.

We’ve got lettuce, green beans, tomatoes, eggplant, radishes, cucumbers & sunflowers growing. I’m sure I’m forgetting something. I can not tell you how much my children have enjoyed watching their garden grow, and I must admit, I get excited when I see a new bloom, too.

I will continue to update the progress of our garden, and can’t wait to eat the fruits of our labor.

Do you have a garden? What kinds of things do you grow?

Maggie, 20 Months Old

Maggie is a girl on the move. Taking her picture is nearly impossible, she is always in motion. I skipped a 19 month update all together because I tried to get a picture of her, and they were all blurry. 

Maggie’s vocabulary is still growing every day, and she is now speaking in short sentences. She has reached the terrible two’s or tantrum toddler stage, and this part, I could do without. She is very vocal with her frustrations, and let’s me know when she is unhappy.  Oh, boy.

Maggie’s hair has FINALLY started to grow, but I still needed to use a baby velcro bow to put in her hair today. She is teething, again, and has her hands in her mouth, alot.

I can’t believe she’ll be two in just 4 months. 

Maggie {15 Months Old}

The Magster is 15 months old tomorrow. Wow! She is such a big girl now. Maggie is learning to eat with utensils, likes to brush her own hair & teeth (she has 9 now) and has learned several new words. Some of her most used new words are up, ball, here, and STOP. She will also shake her head no to me when she is finished eating and can’t eat one more bite. So. much. fun.

Spring Cleaning & Decorating

Vintage bunnies, and new bunny dish from Target.

Little pink chicks in a vintage candy dish.

Pretty egg garland from Micheal’s.

Vintage cake stand and new egg jar from Target.

I have been busy cleaning and decorating today. I’ve washed and folded all the laundry, cleaned my floors, dusted, and next I am going to reorganize Amelia’s room. I am always inspired when spring approaches. Something about the idea of renewal and growth gets me in the mood to get things done. This also applies to me personally. In the last few weeks I’ve had a dental cleaning, eye exam, a chiropractic adjustment, pedicure, haircut, and let’s not forget the 21 pounds I’ve shed this year. I hope I can carry this momentum into the summer!

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