Amelia’s Fun & Healthy Lunch

Whenever possible, I try to get Amelia to help with making her meals. I find that she is more likely to eat these meals if she has a hand in preparing them. Today for lunch she made her own mini pizzas.  This is a fast, healthy, and easy meal for your toddler to make. What you’ll need: marinara sauce, whole wheat english muffins, and shredded mozzarella cheese. If you can get some veggies on there, even better!


Put them under the broiler and voila!

A Better Version of Me

It’s time to get real. I am chubby. I’m still carrying around the extra pounds from 2 pregnancies in 3 years. I gained around 35 pounds with Amelia, and only lost about 10 of that before I got pregnant with Maggie. Then I gained some more weight with that pregnancy, and I now I have 40 pounds I want to lose.

I am well on my way people. I’ve lost 4 pounds already this week. Holla.

Here is what I’m doing.

  • Drinking lots of water. I also cut out soda, and if I’m not drinking water, I am drinking Crystal Light, or on occasion, juice.
  • I eat the majority of my carbs before lunch. I love bread, and won’t deny myself that. I have toast, cereal or a bagel for breakfast most days
  • I eat a Lean Cuisine for lunch. They taste good, are fast and easy,(a necessity for me), and are low in calories.
  • I snack between meals. Maybe a handful of nuts, popcorn, or peanut butter crackers. 
  • For sweet cravings I eat fruit or a Skinny Cow ice cream treat.
  • At night I cook a sensible dinner, and make sure my portions aren’t too big. Also, I don’t eat after dinner. I find that brushing my teeth after I eat encourages this.

Here are the things that are currently inspiring me.

  • A closet full of clothes that I can’t wear.
  • My October wedding.
  • My children. I want to be a fit and more active mother.
  • My knee. It hurts, and I am sure weight loss will help this.
  • A honeymoon cruise where I hope to live in my swimsuit.
  • Other bloggers who are successful with their weight loss. Here is one that has been really inspiring me lately; The Doe or the Deer.

I have been using Fit Day, to track my weight loss. It’s free to use.

I will be sharing my weight loss journey with you weekly. I know that many woman struggle with their weight after their babies are born, and I find comfort in the fact that there are many woman like me on this very same journey. 

Many of the blogs I read have these beautiful thin woman, who after their pregnancy are magically thin again. I know this is not the norm, so I am glad to show the other side of the coin.

I will start posting before/after pictures once I’ve made some real progress. I plan to add exercise to my routine next week. I have an elliptical machine at home, so I have no excuse.

If you have a plan to get healthy this year, I’d love to hear about it!

*Update: Thanks for all the notes of encouragement!!