Christmas Shenanigans

one- I introduced my girls to the pomegranate. Amelia said the juice looked like blood, and wouldn’t eat it.

two- We got our Christmas tree decorated, but Maggie thinks it’s her new job to redecorate it every few hours. Thankful I decided to hang the glass & vintage ornaments up high.

three- Our Elf on a Shelf is back, only he has a skirt this year since Amelia requested we have a girl Elf. I guess you could say we now have a cross-dressing elf.

four- Vintage wrapping paper for a dear friends gift.

five- My mom and the girls decorated a gingerbread house earlier this week, and Maggie can’t stop eating the candy off of it.

{Tumblr Tuesday} Mammalingo

This week I am recommending Mammalingo.

Here’s a recent favorite post:

BATHROOM STALL n. [Fr. bathroom + to stall inside] When you intentionally take just a little bit longer than truly required (if we’re all being honest with ourselves) to get the business at hand done – maybe with a good magazine, a book, or (shhhhhhh) even your laptop – to avoid the mayhem that is outside that bathroom door. I mean a woman needs her privacy, right? And your partner is more than well-equipped to handle the finger painting explosion in your kitchen for just a few more minutes, right? Submitted — and fantastically submitted at that — by Jill Kravetz of Brookline, MA. 

(And guess where I’m typing this post?! Just kidding.)

HA HA…I’ve done that a few times! This Tumblr is always good for a laugh, and if you don’t follow them already, I highly recommend you do.

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