Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all are enjoying some delicious food with your family and loved ones. I was happy to host my family again this year, and it was my first year cooking the turkey. It turned out great, and I am glad we decided on a free-range organic turkey.

The turkey cupcakes were inspired by a photo I found on Pinterest. Aren’t they adorable? 

I was excited to unpack my vintage Eva Zeisel china, it’s the Caprice pattern, to use for our dinner. I keep it packed away for safe keeping, and it’s like Christmas morning every time I unpack it.

I am thankful for many things, including you, dear readers. Check back later this week for a special giveaway. My way of saying thanks.


I have felt so heavy with worry lately. I am worried about my Grandmother who recently lost her husband of 65 years, my Papaw. I am worried about money, as my business is really slow in the summer. I am worried about my 37 year old cousin , who is battling stage four melanoma. I am worried about my mother who recently quit her job to take care of my 90 year old Grandmother.  I am worried about my father and his health issues. I am worried about my sweet 10 year old dog, who has recently started suffering from arthritis. I am trying to stay positive, eat healthy (even though I would really like an ice cream sundae for dinner), and remember to breathe. I know life can’t be sunshine and rainbows all the time, but it is still hard to watch your family go through such trying times.

That beautiful sunset photo was taken on a recent family vacation. Oh, sweet vacations. I am already scheming to take a trip over the long Labor Day weekend. Life can get heavy, but it is important to look ahead, and plan for a little lightness, too.


Today I lost my Papaw. He was 84 years old, and it was very unexpected. He and I had a special relationship, and my heart is breaking right now. Below is a photo of him and my grandmother who were married for nearly 66 years. Underneath that is a photo of me with them on my wedding day. I will miss him like crazy, but he went peacefully, and for that I will be forever grateful.

I love you, Papaw. I promise not to take any wooden nickels.

Love is Sweet

one- Amelia this morning before school.

two- Heart-shaped toast with eggs for breakfast.

three- A card for the mister.

four- Pretty red tulips.

five- Heart felt pin I bought on Etsy.

six- Amelia’s Valentine’s Day cards.

seven- A cake Amelia and I just made for dessert tonight.

Maggie {21 months}

My little Maggie is so grown up, she is so much fun and so much work right now.

She is curious, silly, and sweet, and constantly on the go. I hate the term terrible two’s, because this age is really not terrible, just a little challenging at times. I still have some tricks up my sleeve from when Amelia was this age, so I feel better prepared this time around. 

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, Maggie and Amelia are wearing matching dresses today. 

Sweet Breakfast

This morning we had an early Valentine’s Day celebration since my girl’s half-sister was staying with us for the weekend. A few little gifts and a whole lotta sugar for breakfast. Hope you all have a sweet Sunday, too.

That last photo of Amelia is so funny. She is high on sugar!