Rain, Rain, Please Stay.

Tropical Storm Issac has brought us a few rainy days. We have been enjoying the “cooler” weather, and laziness this type of weather allows us. I may stay in my pj’s all day. We’ve eaten some sweet treats, Amelia has been modeling some of her new school clothes from H&M, we’ve been petting our new kitty, ( a stray who adopted us, and just had all of his shots and a little snip, ouch!), and eating tomato soup with grilled cheese for lunch.

My favorite cheese for grilled cheese is Havarti. What’s your favorite?

Rainy Days are for Blogging

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It’s pouring rain here in sunny Florida this morning, and I don’t mind a bit. I’m hoping the rain will wash away some of the pollen that is covering everything, including my newly washed car. 

I am happy to see the month of March. It’s gonna be a fun month, with lots to look forward to. I have a baby shower & a bridal shower this weekend for two dear friends. We have also booked a trip to Orlando with the kids later this month, and our engagement photo shoot is next weekend. 

I am working on getting everyone healthy this week. Both Amelia and Maggie came down with colds over a week ago, and Maggie’s turned into a sinus infection. I can’t tell if I have a cold myself, or seasonal allergies. I went to bed at 9:30 last night, and feel better today, so I am going to focus on sleep this week.

*A quick update on my weight. I am down 20 pounds, half way to my goal of 40 by October. I haven’t taken many photos, so I will share some pictures from our engagement shoot next weekend. 

Happy March everyone!